Nuns on the Bus Ride Again

Nuns on the Bus Ride Again

"We the People, We the Voters" Hit the Road to Fight Big Money in Elections

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Election Day is @RepJohnYarmuth's birthday! Let's give him a great gift-- register & get out to vote! #nunsonthebus
Thank you for joining the #nunsonthebus tonight, @RepJohnYarmuth! #IAmAVoter
Pro tip from @sr_simone when encountering anger: "stay curious about the other person" and do it out of a place of compassion & concern
Meet one of the NEWEST citizens who have met up with the #nunsonthebus! #IAmAVoter
Concern from a new citizen about voting: ballots are complicated and it's hard to get information about what to do. #nunsonthebus #IAmAVoter
@sr_simone "The Constitution doesn't say 'We the people who got here 1st,' but 'We the People' bc it's abt all of us"
"In a diverse society 'we the people' become family to each other" says @sr_simone at Americana Community Center in Louisville #nunsonthebus
"Obama Approves Refugee Plan for Central American Kids" Aims to create a legal alternative to a dangerous journey
Last but not least State Voices and @YWCAUSA Our 2014 100% voting campaign could not have happened without all our partners #IAmAVoter
More of our partners @gamalielnetwork of Michigan @iowacci @MarkhamGroup @moses_mi @NpVOTE @ProgressIowa Pullen Memorial Baptist Church



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