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Respecting the dignity of work means we must #FixOvertime
Jobs should allow workers to support their families - new overtime regulations help do that #FixOvertime
Efforts to #fixovertime will help all of us-- the 100%!
RT @keithellison: President Obama's plan to #FixOvertime will lift up working Minnesotans. Share your story→ http://…
RT @ChrisVanHollen: Today @POTUS honors his #SOTU pledge to #FixOvertime, making sure 100,000 Marylanders get the pay they deserve. http://…
Stand up to the special interests that will try to weaken @POTUS’s new overtime rules! Sign your name: #FixOvertime
New post: NETWORK Position on the President Obama’s Proposed Rule to Reform Overtime Pay
New post: Blog: African Palm Oil in Guatemala – A Fishy Situation
How can justice-seekers get involved with advocacy to Congress? #AskSrSimone
Have questions for @sr_simone? She's taking over the @Presbyterian twitter in 10 minutes. Ask her questions & #TalkPoverty w/ #AskSrSimone



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