Nuns on the Bus Ride Again

Nuns on the Bus Ride Again

"We the People, We the Voters" Hit the Road to Fight Big Money in Elections

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If you want to continue working with NETWORK to #EndChildPoverty, you can sign up for our weekly Legislative Update:
We're so glad to be a part of this chat to #EndChildPoverty. Take a look at @ChildDefender's report, out today:
A9. We want to tell @BarackObama, Congress, & @ChildDefender that we're with you! We can ALL work together to #EndChildPoverty!
A8 #EndChildPoverty by closing tax loopholes for corporations and tax capital gains/dividends at the same rate as (or higher than) wages!
A8. Decreasing 14% of our FY15 Pentagon budget could help #EndChildPoverty.
A7. #EndChildPoverty because when kids succeed, we all do. Child poverty is too expensive to continue.
A6. It's not enough because Congress plays political games with funding for non-defense discretionary programs #EndChildPoverty #TalkPoverty
A5 Programs like #HeadStart can help #EndChildPoverty. Our board member Betsy has #TaxpayerPride for Head Start in ND
RT @TalkPoverty: And if we stop demonizing their parents. RT @NETWORKLobby: A5. We can #EndChildPoverty if we #RaisetheWage for their paren…
RT @nwlc: One way to help #EndChildPoverty? Make quality #childcare more afforable. It's currently out of reach for too many:…



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