Nuns on the Bus Ride Again

Nuns on the Bus Ride Again

"We the People, We the Voters" Hit the Road to Fight Big Money in Elections

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RT @SideofLove: Loving this #NunTrouble video from @NETWORKLobby MT @Sr_Simone on why you should #vote!
RT @SenTimMathern: Women religious in so many ways represent the pastoral heart of the Catholic Church in the United States, check out the …
Sister @rfriedman10 is BACK on the bus (she was with us our 1st time in IA) because "I love my home state"
Sr. Marti asks to the attendees of our Town Hall for the 100%: "who are the people you admire?" #nunsonthebus
Sr. Bernadine says she is on the bus b/c being raised in Chicago she knows to "vote early & often"! #nunsonthebus
RT @Senator_Hatch: Honored to introduce my daughter to @sr_simone in Iowa City tonight #nunsonthebus
.@senator_hatch stopped by our #nunsonthebus event in Iowa City! #IAmAVoter
RT @rfriedman10: Ready for canvassing in Cedar Rapids. #nunsonthebus @CoalitiononHN @NETWORKLobby
RT @justice_ucc: @NETWORKLobby is asking us all to #vote next week - check out their hilarious video: #nuntrouble #O…
RT @NCJW: We are ALL about that bus! #NunTrouble Who's ready to vote on Nov 4!? @NETWORKLobby



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