Joy of the Gospel

Joy of the Gospel

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A Shameful Anniversary: Five Years, No Minimum Wage Increase from @breadinstitute #RaisetheWage #LivetheWage
BLOG: Low Wages and Real Lives by @sr_simone. #Talkpoverty #Livethewage #Raisethewage
RT @onthebuslaura: U.S. companies want all the benefits but don't want to pay their fair share of U.S. taxes @SenSchumer Close those loopho…
ICYMI: This week's legislative update, featuring #TaxpayerPride, #UAC & #TVPRA
New data from @USDOL & @LaborSec shows states that #RaisetheWage see faster job growth.
.@RepZoeLofgren “The UN said... we should call this a refugee matter, & I think they’re right” #UAC #TVPRA
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New post: Blog: Will There Ever Be an End to Corporations Dodging Taxes by Shifting Their Home Bases Overseas?
Legislative Update: Advocate for Kids and Tax Justice. #UAC #TVPRA #TaxpayerPride


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