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What do Associates do after the program?


Associates have taken a variety of paths after their service with NETWORK. Here’s a sampling of what some former Associates have done:

  • Bernie, a Brother of the Divine Word, spent several years doing organizing and lobbying at NETWORK. He now applies his organizing skills to community work in Jamaica, where he helps coordinate a housing and microenterprise program.
  • Rachel came to NETWORK after graduating from Marquette University with a degree in political science. After NETWORK, Rachel participated directly in the legislative process as an aide to a Congressional Representative. She’s now working for an advocacy firm in Chicago.
  • Alison, a lobby Associate at NETWORK, was hired by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd for the first lobbyist position in their newly-formed advocacy office in Washington, DC.
  • James, a community organizer, helped NETWORK organize college students, went on to work on several election campaigns, and is one of the founders of Catholics United.
  • Jessica, a field Associate, returned to her college in Minnesota as the director of campus ministry and service learning.
  • Lauren, a former lobby Associate, worked at a major "think tank" in Washington and is now working in the White House.
  • Jon, a field Associate, became a community organizer in his home state of Ohio.
  • Several of our Associates decided to go to graduate school after their time at NETWORK -- two of them recently got their law degrees.
  • And one former associate is now a NETWORK staff member.