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What is the work environment like?

We hope you will feel welcome and valued as a member of the NETWORK team. You will join a group of progressive people committed to social justice who take the time to get to know one another and share fun as well as share the work.

The NETWORK staff are dedicated to finding alternative ways of working together that emphasize collaboration and communication. Our office works in teams, called  “circles” and each of us contributes to the organizational management and gives input on major organizational decisions.

You will have a staff mentor who will guide you and supervise your work. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with other staff members and give input on our educational and outreach efforts, as well as our legislative strategy. As time allows, you may also choose to learn about areas of the organization such as fundraising, board relations, and communications.

As a staff, we take time to reflect upon our faith and get to know each other. Each day, staff who are available gather for lunch in our conference room to enjoy a little table fellowship. Four times a year we take time away from work or away from the office to explore our faith and deepen our knowledge of justice work and our own political ministry. And we throw some great parties!

We take pride in the fact that each year, participants in the Associate Program remark positively on the high level of responsibility they are given and the degree to which they participate in all facets of the organization.