We the Taxpayers

We the Taxpayers

An Interfaith Conversation

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    We the Taxpayers

    An Interfaith Conversation

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    Engaging Impasse on Immigration

    Includes instructions for the workshop facilitator

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    Organizing College Students for Social Action

    Written by a former college summer intern

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    Letter to the Editor tips

    A great way to express your views

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We MUST Confront the Wealth Gap!

It is time to both "Mind" and "Mend" the wealth gap in our country!

Engaging Impasse on Immigration Workshop

A workshop where participants will explore feelings, fears and insights about immigration through reflection, role-playing and discussion. Includes instructions for the workshop facilitator and biographies for role-playing.

Clamor for Justice/Clamor por la Justicia

This 120-page publication in English and Spanish brings Catholic Social Teaching to life through articles and reflection questions. For use by groups or individuals. $10