Sr. Simone Campbell on NPR

Sr. Simone Campbell spoke about the need for healthcare reform on National Public Radio's "Tell Me More" program - March 18, 2010. Read more

Platform for the Common Good

During the 2008 election season, as the political parties developed their political platforms, many Catholics groups came together to develop a Platform for the Common Good.  This platform is based on principles from Catholic social tradition and addresses what we can do to make our nation “a more perfect union” focused on the common good.

Platform for the Common Good

Healthcare Reform - Next Steps

The new healthcare reform law helped, but more needs to be done. Read more

Healthcare Reform Law and NETWORK Values

NETWORK celebrated the signing of the healthcare reform bill in March 2010 while acknowledging that more needs to be done. Read more


Our award-winning quarterly publication, the Connection, provides in-depth analysis of important social justice issues, along with examples of people who are making a difference. You can find copies of past issues on our archives page.

Education on Issues

NETWORK Education Program (NEP) provides education on advocacy, Catholic social teaching, and social justice issues. 

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