Economic Justice

Mend the Gap!: Taxes Lesson One: Introduction


The Faithful Budget—Reasonable Revenue for Responsible Programs

The Faithful Budget is an interfaith document put together by 36 different faith organizations Read more

Debt Ceiling (September 2013 update)

The debt ceiling, in simple terms, is the maximum amount of money the United States can borrow in order to pay its existing obligations. The debt ceiling (or limit) when raised does not allow for new expenditures, but instead allows the government to pay for programs it has already committed to paying for. Historically, raising the debt limit was done quickly and without contention, as it was seen as a financial necessity and not as political capital.

Legislative Update

Update on current issues in Congress Read more

More Nuns on More Buses - Local Journeys

Stories/reflections from some who participated in local efforts in the following states:

New York  

Blog: Chained CPI, Our Elders and Our Veterans

Dec 19, 2012 | By Marge Clark, BVM

Speaker Boehner and even the president are beginning to focus on one area of savings objected to by advocates who know what it is: a benefit cut to Social Security beneficiaries. Read more

Blog: What Have We Done About Poverty?

Dec 13, 2012 | By Rachael Travis

A Look at the History of Federal Legislation and the Effect It Has Had on Poverty Read more

Blog: Question for Speaker Boehner

Dec 12, 2012 | By Marge Clark, BVM

My question is: Congressman Boehner, where is the list of tax loopholes you are going to cut or eliminate? Read more

Blog: Washington Negotiations

Dec 07, 2012 | By Marge Clark, BVM

Negotiations are moving slowly on means to avert Sequestration (known as the Fiscal Cliff). Read more

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