Criminal and Juvenile Justice Reform

As part of our work to promote peace domestically, NETWORK advocates for criminal justice reforms and policies that prevent and reduce gun violence.

Press Release: NETWORK Commends Administration for Achieving Iran Deal

FOR RELEASE: July 14, 2015                                                                     

Blog: Laudato Si’ -- A NETWORK Associate’s Perspective

Jun 19, 2015 | By Nicholas Moffa

When I was a kid, my family always took what I initially considered to be the strangest vacations. While my friends flew off to Disney World, I flew off to…Wyoming. And Alaska, Arizona, and California. While my friends enjoyed amusement park rides, I quickly grew to love hiking, whitewater rafting, horseback riding and kayaking.

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Press Release: NETWORK Responds to the Horrifying Murders of Nine People Praying in the South Carolina Church

FOR RELEASE: June 19, 2013
CONTACT:  Stephanie Niedringhaus, 202-347-9797 x224,

Our nation continues to be shackled by the scourges of racism and an unholy love of guns. And when combined, as they were in Charleston, they become an intensely dark stain on all of our souls.”

Press Release: NETWORK Celebrates Pope Francis’s Encyclical

FOR RELEASE: June 18, 2015
CONTACT: Stephanie Niedringhaus, 202-347-9797 x224,

InterConnection Issue Updates-- June 2015

Tax Justice: Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit

Many have believed it possible for the new Republican leadership in Congress and President Obama to reach some consensus on tax reform. Since Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) became chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee in January, he has tried with Senate Finance Committee chair Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and the presi