Nuns on the Bus Ride Again

Nuns on the Bus Ride Again

"We the People, We the Voters" Hit the Road to Fight Big Money in Elections

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We need to #RaiseTheWage for all Americans
The @ClintonSisters @franciscannet and @DorothyDayCFJ are doing it. Why don’t you? #IAmaVoter #NunsontheBus
@SistersofMercy @maryspence1987 and @justice_ucc are doing it. You should too. Get on board: #IAmaVoter #NunsontheBus
Fun fact of the day: On this day in 1915, 25,000 women marched in New York City, demanding the right to vote! #IAmAVoter
This year's midterm spending is highest ever. On election day though, remember that money can't vote only YOU can.
Pope Paul VI said “If you want peace work for justice.” Now he's a saint. Let’s get to work:
Sr. Mary Kay encourages students @CUBoulder to vote #nunsonthebus #IAmAVoter
Surprise!!! #NunsontheBus is at @CUBoulder TODAY 1:30pm. #BeBoulder & GOTV at the University Memorial Center Atrium
#nunsonthebus canvassing in CO Springs, where ppl truly have the opportunity & power to build a more perfect union
You’ll never guess the most tried-and-true tactic to get someone to vote: #IAmaVoter #NunsontheBus



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