Joy of the Gospel

Joy of the Gospel

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A Final #Ramadan Reflection: "Look Inside Your Heart"
Sad news via @TIME: The average American family is poorer than it was 10 years ago #TalkPoverty #RaisetheWage
Bravo to @georgewillf on #UAC kids fleeing violence: "We ought to say to these children 'welcome to America.'" #TVPRA
ICYMI: @PRyan's Opportunity Grant Raises More Questions than Answers. #Talkpoverty
New post: Congress Must Not Weaken Protections for Trafficking Victims
Gov @Ted_Strickland tried to #LivetheWage for a week. Here's what he experienced during this act of solidarity:
Congrats to our friend Rabbi Saperstein of @TheRAC, nominated the US Ambassador for Religious Freedom!
Our friend @EJDionne on Paul Ryan's attempt to #TalkPoverty. "Paul Ryan's stale ideas on poverty."
U.S. Religious Leaders Embrace Cause of Immigrant Children #UAC #TVPRA
Read more about the House's latest efforts to take from people in poverty to give to the wealthy: #Talkpoverty #CTC


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