Nuns on the Bus Ride Again

Nuns on the Bus Ride Again

"We the People, We the Voters" Hit the Road to Fight Big Money in Elections

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.@sr_simone "when you put radical acceptance together with fighting, you get fire... It's the burning bush." #nunsonthebus
Previous recipients: MLK, @helenprejean, Dom Helder Camara, Cesar Chavez, Dorothy Day, Cardinal Bernadin & more!
RT @karlabwell: Getting ready to see @sr_simone receive this amazing award in Davenport. #nunsonthebus @NETWORKLobby
Today, @sr_simone is being honored with the 2014 Pacem In Terris award.
RT @rfriedman10: One person who makes a difference-Ruthie at Cafe on Vine #nunsonthebus @CoalitiononHN
RT @rfriedman10: Iowa has been POWERFUL! Last day today. #nunsonthebus @CoalitiononHN
"Homelessness is something we all should be outraged about, but in the meantime, people have got to eat" #nunsonthebus at Cafe on Vine
Big difference between Jack Hatch & Terry Branstad. One supports actions to #RaiseTheWage and one doesn't.
We're bringing back @Pontifex bingo (and making it interfaith) #nunsonthebus
#nunsonthebus are ready to watch the #IAGovDebate at St. John Vianney Parish! Tonight's theme is jobs & the economy



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