Joy of the Gospel

Joy of the Gospel

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New post: Blog: What Will Happen to the 2015 Federal Budget When Congress Returns in September?
Let each of us honor Dr. King’s legacy by speaking out strongly for justice and for peace. #MLK
Multi-ethnic churches lament America's racial injustice #Ferguson
This is deeply disturbing. We must cut spending for military weapons now!
Lawmakers headed to Central America to address border crisis.
New post: The Sad Saga of Congress Isn't Finished Yet
Every day should be #WomensEqualityDay, but we still have a long way to go. Happy Women's Equality Day!
From our friends at @JesuitJustice. By the numbers: if US cities had the same murder rate as San Pedro, Honduras.
How a Part-Time Pay Penalty Hits Working Mothers #talkpoverty
Burger King might move to Canada to reduce its taxes. Corporate inversions like these = un-American. #TaxpayerPride


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