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RT @CAPfaith: Feminism is not about making the work place better for women. It's about making the work place better. #Faith4Justice
RT @419in703: "Religious leaders always transform institutions. Just look at my colleague Jesus. He was a Rabbi after all." --@Jonahpesner …
"Millennials aren't leaving the faith, per se, but they are leaving the institutions" says @om3 #faith4justice
RT @CAPfaith: If we read it on Saturday or preach it on Sunday, we have to live it on Monday. - Rabbi @Jonahpesner #Faith4Justice
RT @rachelklaser: We need reinvestment in neighborhoods, says @OtisMoss3 #faith4justice
"Where there are jobs, violence drops. Where there is home ownership, violence drops." -@om3 #Faith4Justice
"Poverty has become a dirty word" says @om3 #faith4justice #TalkPoverty
Places of worship can #TalkPoverty by bringing together people experiencing poverty w/ those who haven't says @Jonahpesner #faith4justice
Rev @om3 says there has been a learning from the faith community about how to organize #Faith4Justice
RT @esthgran: @NETWORKLobby to never be silent and stand up in solidarity for those who are voiceless ✌ #faith4justice



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