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What makes NETWORK unique is our combination of professional lobbyists in Washington and our members who lobby as constituents. NETWORK could not exist without our members.

  • NETWORK members are in every state and congressional district in the United States as well as in other countries.
  • Our U.S. members are powerful advocates with members of Congress because they are constituents.
  • Our members connect us to people “outside the Beltway” who are affected by federal policies.
  • And they are NETWORK's sole source of financial support.
  • Who are NETWORK members? There are many different varieties. Many are Catholic Sisters, continuing the legacy of the Sisters who founded NETWORK. Some are priests, deacons or brothers. Most are non-vowed lay people who have an affinity to the principles of Catholic Social Teaching and a passion for justice.

You can find NETWORK members in schools, parishes, social service agencies, diocesan offices, universities, hospitals, government offices, businesses, law firms, non-profit organizations, religious congregations, community organizations, retirement homes, and most other places you can think of.

NETWORK members receive a copy of our award-winning quarterly Connection magazine, and receive our e-mail Legislative Update. They write letters to the editor, contact their members of Congress through our Legislative Action Center,  participate in educational events, and promote legislative advocacy in their communities.

If you are a current NETWORK member, we thank you for all that you do.

If you are not a member, we hope you will join our community of social justice advocates.

You can sign up for online membership here.